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Chiropractic is a health profession whose objective is the recovery and maintenance of health. Its preventive and curative approach uses various tools such as adjustments, manual therapies, or complementary therapies.

In our last blogs, we discussed the specific problems that can be treated in chiropractic, such as low back pain, carpal tunnels, sciatica, neck pain, herniated disc, shoulder bursitis, etc.

For all those conditions and pains you are experiencing, chiropractic can have a positive impact.

But what is chiropractic? What do we actually do for you?

Our mission at Clinique Chiropratique du Portage:

Educate as many families as possible towards optimal health. We want to bring our patients to a better level of health, through chiropractic care, which is 100% a natural approach.

Chiropractic as a natural solution

Chiropractic is a natural and gentle approach. We try to avoid, when possible, drugs and operations. If we can avoid that, it’s always a good thing.

The chiropractic adjustment is the principal tool of the chiropractor. The adjustments constitute a set of manipulations by a high speed and low amplitude impulse carried out with the hands at the level of the joints, in a given vector in order to restore mobility to the segment.

The cracking sound during adjustment, called “cavitation”, is simply the release of gas from the joint as the joint capsule distends.

These manipulations carried out by the chiropractor are done according to professional criteria and methods respecting the biology and vital functions of the human body.

Chiropractic can treat a varied clientele, ranging from athletes to retirees

Athletes often use these treatments to soothe certain pains caused by their daily physical activities.

People with neck pain, body aches, tendinitis, or bursitis also benefit greatly from treatment by a chiropractor. Chiropractic techniques are also very effective in cases of low back pain, herniated disc or headache problems.

By maintaining the balance between the components of the human body, chiropractic promotes the prevention of many illnesses and diseases.

In short, chiropractic brings a great benefit in disc degeneration, osteoarthritis, sciatica and dizziness. All this in a natural way! The SpineMed neuro-vertebral decompression table available at our clinic provides great relief for people with herniated discs or osteoarthritis.

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Allow the body to strengthen itself without medication

The nervous system controls almost entirely the vital functions of the human body such as the tissues, the organs, as well as the cellular exchanges that take place inside our organism.

A malfunctioning nervous system can lead to many health problems on a daily basis. This is where the chiropractor (us!) can help you.

Our nervous system can become slightly or very affected by poor posture acquired over several years. This problem sneakily causes many chronic pains.

We can name the example of “text neck syndrome”, which means neck pain caused by poor posture with electronic devices. It’s called that because when we’re on our electronics, we’re usually leaning forward, which causes those daily neck pains.

Prolonged stress can also be the cause of persistent problems. Anxiety can cause poor digestion, disturbed sleep, and mood swings. Chiropractic aims to recover and maintain a good nervous balance.

Chiropractic also allows the body to heal itself, strengthen and relax. It can relieve many pains related to daily stress, muscle tension or poor posture.

Chiropractic brings together methods known for thousands of years and practiced by many civilizations before us.

It allows, through its interaction with the nervous system, the muscular and skeletal system, to restore balance throughout the body.

The chiropractic care aims for a gentle natural healing and questions the causes of pain and not just the symptoms.

In short, regardless of the location or level of your pain, there is a chiropractic treatment option that can potentially relieve you and improve your quality of life.

What does a healthy spine look like?

The vertebral column, also called spine, is a bony structure located between the head and the pelvis.

Its role is to support the head and transmit the weight of the body to the pelvis, thus allowing movement.

The spine is made up of an average of 33 bones, called vertebrae. These bones are connected together to form an axis, which has a double S shape.

From top to bottom, these 33 vertebrae are defined according to their location:

  • 7 cervical vertebrae
  • 12 thoracic vertebrae
  • 5 lumbar vertebrae
  • 5 sacral vertebrae welded together to form the sacrum
  • 4 coccygeal vertebrae welded together to form the coccyx

Being flexible and mobile, the first 24 vertebrae are considered the true vertebrae while the sacrum and coccyx, remaining fixed, are considered the false vertebrae.

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In order to consider a column as healthy, it must have the necessary 3 curves when we look at it from the side.

When facing the front, the spine should be straight, with the shoulders, pelvis and collarbones well aligned.

Why ?

Because that is what ensures the best possible communication of nerve impulses!

Starting from the cranial box, it is necessary to allow nerve impulses to flow correctly through the spinal cord. The latter being the extension of our brain. It is this signal, this electrical impulse, which will reach each of the cells of these organs.

So if a nerve is pinched, this is what we call in our chiropractic jargon a “vertebral subluxation”. Subluxation is defined as an impairment of normal movement between two vertebrae. Subluxation can be present at any age depending on different types of stress. It may or may not be symptomatic.

Know that there are 31 pairs of nerves throughout the spine. If a nerve is stuck in the lumbar region, we could speak of sciatica. If a nerve is pinched at the cervical level, we could speak of radiculopathy or torticollis.

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Our goal, as chiropractors, is to identify where there is vertebral subluxation or pinched nerve.

Our specialty will therefore be to align and position the spine as it should be to allow nerve impulses to flow freely. From this, we can say that the body can express its full health potential.

But, also know that you don’t necessarily need to experience symptoms and pain to visit a chiropractor!

Many people visit us only to ensure good health on a daily basis! It can never be negative to adopt chiropractic!

What might a first appointment with the chiropractor look like?

During a first visit to the chiropractor, special attention will be paid to the patient’s lifestyle and general state of health.

A postural, orthopedic, neurological, muscular examination as well as a spinal joint palpation will be carried out.

X-rays may be required to ensure proper assessment.

With an exact evaluation, we will be able to clearly define the necessary treatments as well as their durations.

Subsequently, the chiropractor can inform the patient about the results of the initial examinations and the nature of his problems. If chiropractic care is indicated, the chiropractor will offer a treatment plan and recommendations tailored to the patient.

You suffer from back pain, migraines, neck pain, sciatic nerve pain, etc. ?


You want to optimize the health of your spine and nervous system? Do you want to do prevention?

Make an appointment with us and take advantage of our first free 30 minutes discovery consultation!

For all other information, contact us.

Dre. Émilie Gaudreau, chiropractor in Gatineau

Dr. Patrick Gaudreau, chiropractor in Gatineau


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