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Sailing safe: tips for paddle board injuries

The excitement is palpable as paddleboarding season is fast approaching. The sparkling waters are calling your name, ready to welcome your board adventures. However, before embarking on this exhilarating aquatic experience,...

How to treat a lumbar sprain?

Chiropractors are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, including low back sprains. Lumbar sprain is a relatively common injury to the lower back that can be caused by...

We take emergencies! ⚠️

For many people, the thought of going to the chiropractor conjures up long-term treatments. However, we at Chiro du Portage take emergency appointments, which can relieve pain and other short-term symptoms....

Our chiropractors located in Gatineau (Hull)

At the clinic Chiropratique du Portage, our mission is to relieve your pain and optimize your neuro-musculoskeletal health through personalized chiropractic treatments. Who are our chiropractors at the Clinique Chiropratique du...

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